Wednesday, 31 October 2012

White Stuff #1 - Patti Smith

Today's post is a scan of a copy of the first issue Sandy Robertson's Patti Smith zine 'White Stuff'.. This is one that went for £369 on EBay and got me ranting recently.. Have a look and see if you think it's worth that.. print the PDF and have your own copy for free.  (I think it was printed on light blue paper..if you want to be authentic!)  My copy was photocopied for me by a friend and I've cleaned up the grey tone from the coloured paper.

Anyway, what you get is a nice zine... 7 pages on Patti, interestingly cut up and stuck together, plus a page on Lou Reed, a few singles review and a page on the Pistols Anarchy in the UK 45.  Not sure it's worth £369 tho'!

I'd be interested to know what people think of the way punk artifacts are becoming museum pieces.. Who is forking out all the money for the old zines, posters, flyers and records these days?  Is it old punks reclaiming their lost youth (something I'm occasionally guilty of!), younger fans who wish they'd been there, lottery winners??  Granted 1977 was a long time ago now and this stuff is pretty cool but I just feel photocopied fanzines were supposed to go against the whole priceless collectors item thing.  Whatcha think?

Download White Stuff #1


  1. I've just come across issues one to seven of White Stuff in a cardboard box in my attic. Pays not to throw your youth away !

    1. Hey Tim!

      I was wondering if you still had those zines and if in some way I could access them (scans? photos?). I'm doing a research project on Patti Smith and punk music and that would be such a cool primary source.