Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sideburns #2

I finally found time to do a bit of scanning so there should be new fanzine on here every couple of days for the next few weeks.  Today's is Sideburns #2, from early '77.  It was produced by TM and P Jac, two guys from south east London.  They didn't have much time for the posier side of punk and were as much into pub rock as punk.  This issue has in interview with Lew Lewis and another with Jess Hector of the Gorillas as well as a couple of gig reviews and a page of single reviews.  All good stuff.. (I'll be posting #3 soon if you like this...)

Download Sideburns #2


  1. Nice one DaveO, I look forward to getting stuck into this one. That sketch of Lew Lewis' harp & glass - same drawing style as the Playing the Band diagram?? Any way, good stuff.


  2. Hi Si, I only have 2 & 3 of Sideburns and neither has the 3 chords diagram..maybe it was in #1? I'll load #3 up tomorrow.. It's got a good Vibrators interview at least. I know I've got the 3 chords, now form a band thing somewhere.. I'll find it!