Saturday, 31 July 2010

Livewire #9

This was a great fanzine and this is one of my favourite issues of it.. Produced by Alan Anger and Walt Davidson, this one's from late '77.  It's got a Dee Generate (ex-of Eater by then) photo spread, bits about the Boys, an interview with Captain Sensible and great editorial by Paul Weller with his views on the UK scene at the time and Alan's response to it.  Quality stuff..

Download Livewire #9

T.Rex - Midnight ... one great B-Side

Just fancied posting this track.. it's the b-side of The Groover from 1973 but I haven't seen it on any of the T Rex compilations I've come across.. sure it's on some somewhere but who cares.  I love this track, louder the better!  I picked this up in 1979 when I was starting to get bored with punk and looking back a bit further.  This has to be the best bit of glam metal out there.. wish Marc had done more of this, rocking out and with no bloody backing vocals ruining it!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Trash 77 #3

Here's Trash 77 #3, which as far as I know was the final issue of this Glaswegian fanzine.  Craig Campbell has a bit of  moan on the first page about the hassles of getting the zine out and not being able to afford to do more pages so I guess he packed it in after this one.  Most of the content actually seems to have been done by other contributors with Craig just putting it all together..   It's got some great stuff in it though, as well as excellent photos and nicely printed too.  There's a Lurkers interview, Joe Strummer interview (sort of), Clash gig review, Jolt and Exile gig review, a Ramones gig review and some LP reviews. 

Download Trash77 #3

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trash 77 #1

Not sure what happened to July but it's whizzed right by.. too much work, not enough time to do any posting.. Anyway, back to it.. My scanner has been coaxed back to life and I should have more free time for the next month or so, so hopefully will be posting more regularly..

Today's old punk zine is Trash 77 #1.. written by Craig Campbell and a few friends in Glasgow.  Good Damned and Clash articles and solid punk attitude.. a top read.  It's an odd size and printed on shiney paper, almost like fax paper.. can't remember what this type of printing was called but luckily they switched to regular paper from issue 2..  I've scanned #3 and will post that soon.. it's probably the best of the three issues.

 Download Trash77 #1