Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trash 77 #1

Not sure what happened to July but it's whizzed right by.. too much work, not enough time to do any posting.. Anyway, back to it.. My scanner has been coaxed back to life and I should have more free time for the next month or so, so hopefully will be posting more regularly..

Today's old punk zine is Trash 77 #1.. written by Craig Campbell and a few friends in Glasgow.  Good Damned and Clash articles and solid punk attitude.. a top read.  It's an odd size and printed on shiney paper, almost like fax paper.. can't remember what this type of printing was called but luckily they switched to regular paper from issue 2..  I've scanned #3 and will post that soon.. it's probably the best of the three issues.

 Download Trash77 #1

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  1. Nice one DaveO - good to see the scanner back up and running - many thanks for this.

    All the best