Saturday, 11 June 2011

Iggy time..

 I've been in a bit of Iggy phase lately.. not sure what kicked it off.. I think ITunes was playing in artist order and hit me with a few hours of Iggy a couple of weeks back.. (or possibly it was the car insurance ads he's done that are all over London... they are weird!)  Whatever, it's inspired me to dig out some stuff and get a post in honour of the Iggster.. a hero of mine if I ever had one. Here are a few old bits.. in chronological order..

First off.. a cool press release for the first LP which came with the above photo..  A nice short biog of the group at that stage..

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Original John Cale mix)

I found this next bit in Rock magazine.. a New York weekly music tabloid.  This is an interesting Iggy interview from the Nov 22 1971 issue.. The Stooges had been dropped by Elektra and had split up and Iggy had hooked up with James Willaimson but not sure what was next.. One odd thing here is he mentions wanting to go to England and I didn't think he met Bowie till 1972..  maybe there had been contact between them earlier?  (I just scanned the two Iggy pages.. apologies for the messy joins.. I had to do two scans for each page.)
Download Rock - Iggy pages

Of course Iggy got the Stooges together again for one more studio LP.. Raw Power.  here's the original UK mix of Search and Destroy from the 1973 release.  I believe the mix on this track is different from the better known Bowie mix used on the US '73 issue and the '77 UK re-issue..
 Search & Destroy (1973 UK LP mix)

To round things off for this post.. a superb issue of Creem magazine from April 1974.  There was so much good stuff in this issue that I scanned the whole thing.  Apart from Iggy on the cover and an in depth Stooges feature with great pics there's also a couple of New York Dolls pages, Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople plus other cool stuff (and random other old 70's hippy stuff, always good to put the Stooges in context!)
Download Creem April 1974
That's it for now.. I'll do another Iggy post in the near future once I have time to dig out and scan some more from the archives.  Hope you like this lot..

New Pose #5

I posted an earlier issue of this back in August last year and thought it was about time to get another issue up here.. This zine was published in Leeds by a guy called Martin and Steve Dixon, who did all the photos, and is superb.  Every issue looks great..all hand written but nicely laid out and great photos.  This issue has an illustrated review of an Iggy gig, Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers, the Clash at Leeds Uni,the Marc Bolan tv show, Leeds band S.O.S., a cartoon history of the Damned and backpage 'pin-up' of Pauline from Penetration.  I don't have an original copy of this but the scan is from a quality photocopy (thanks to Martin, Mick or Alex..can't remember who I got this one from!).

Download New Pose #5
I also found this video on YouTube about the early 80's Goth / post Punk scene which was done by a Steve Dixon..presumably the same guy from New Pose?  I couldn't find any other info about him

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Heat #2 - An Irish view of Punk

Here's a great Irish fanzine from the summer of '77.  Heat was absolutely crammed with stuff, all hand written and not taking things too seriously.  It covers the Irish punk scene plus the English and US bands.. This issue has features on Irish bands the Vipers and the Radiators from Space, Johnny Moped, Generation X, a Ramones meet the Incredible Hulk comic book spoof, a review of the Ramones at the Roundhouse, a very brief interview with the Undertones plus various rants, reviews and other bits.  All good stuff and a fun read.. They kept Heat going till '79 and every issue I've seen is quality.  If you like this one let me know and I'll post some more.

Download Heat Vol 1 No. 2