Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Pose #5

I posted an earlier issue of this back in August last year and thought it was about time to get another issue up here.. This zine was published in Leeds by a guy called Martin and Steve Dixon, who did all the photos, and is superb.  Every issue looks great..all hand written but nicely laid out and great photos.  This issue has an illustrated review of an Iggy gig, Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers, the Clash at Leeds Uni,the Marc Bolan tv show, Leeds band S.O.S., a cartoon history of the Damned and backpage 'pin-up' of Pauline from Penetration.  I don't have an original copy of this but the scan is from a quality photocopy (thanks to Martin, Mick or Alex..can't remember who I got this one from!).

Download New Pose #5
I also found this video on YouTube about the early 80's Goth / post Punk scene which was done by a Steve Dixon..presumably the same guy from New Pose?  I couldn't find any other info about him

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