Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Jolt #2

Been a bit over loaded at work so not had time or energy to do any posting lately but think I can manage to squeeze on fanzine post out...

This ones a cool '77 zine by Lucy Toothpaste (Whitman) who went on to write for feminist mag Spare Rib and Rock Against Racism paper Temporary Hoarding.  Jolt #2 came out in March 77, has a Slits interview by Lucy, a Slits gig review by another contributor, Sharon Dunham (who thought they were rubbish!), and an interview with the owners of one of the first punk clothing shops, Pollock's, including a guy called Nick Cash, who was a college friend of Glen Matlock's, (but not the 'Nick Cash' from 999, real name Keith Lucas..who apparently met Nick Cash of Pollock's in early '77 and decided to 'borrow' his name!) .  A nice little slice of punk history..

Download Jolt #2


  1. Many thanks for this DaveO - Lucy Toothpaste, what a great pseudonym.


  2. Looking forward to reading this one....thanks again !