Thursday, 17 June 2010

Trash 77 #2

Another great old punk fanzine,  from Glasgow in May '77.  Put together by a guy called Craig with articles from a few other's a good view of the punk scene from north of the border.  It's got a review of the Scottish punk bands , the Jolt,  Johnnie & the Self-Abusers and a bunch of other bands that had only just been formed (or just disbanded..) it was a small scene back then!  An interesting bit is Criag's report on a trip down to London and a visit to the Roxy on the first night after Andy Czezowski stopped running it.  He's not impressed with the Roxy,  "..a really sickening place, someone should drop a bomb on it.."  He's gone there with Alan Thunder of Live Wire fanzine, gets to see the Drones and XTC, neither of which he likes,  and ends up getting attacked by a Drones roadie to round off a bad evening!  He did also manage a good gig at the Hope and Anchor to see Wayne County and Chelsea and the Adverts at a Rock Against Racism gig at the Roundhouse so it wasn't all bad in London for him.  There's also a detailed 2 page history of Iggy and the Stooges and some great record and gig reviews, including a detailed run through the first Clash LP.  Unfortunately the print is a bit faint on some pages but it's well worth the effort to read it.  Enjoy..

Download Trash 77 #2