Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Barracudas - I Want My Woody Back / Subway Surfin'

I came across this recently, had totally forgotten how good it was.  I saw these guys live a few times in '79 around the time this came out and I vaguely remember one of them working at the old Vinyl Solution record shop in Westbourne Grove for a while.. (or possibly they just hung out there alot.. memory is a bit hazy around then!).  I also have vague memories of seeing them carrying a surf board though Kings Cross tube station as a publicity stunt..?  Formed by Canadian Jeremy Gluck and ex-Unwanted guitarist Robin Wills , along with Nick Turner on drums and David Buckley on bass they went off in their own direction about the time the punk scene started to splinter and became London's only surf band.  They signed to EMI after this came out and had a few minor hits and carried on till the mid -80's when the band split due to lack of success / musical differences, etc.. This has a rawer sound than most of their EMI stuff.. great double sider. 

I Want My Woody Back

Subway Surfin'

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