Friday, 29 October 2010

Batwoman.. I like comics again!

I'm back.. been letting myself be ground down by work for the past month or so but trying to get back on track again.  I'll try to get a decent old fanzine posted later this weekend but for now I'm all into comic books...!  I got the Kick Ass and Iron Man 2 dvd's for my birthday recently plus discovered the recent series of DC's Detective Comics features a very cool new Batwoman.  The art is superb, the story lines aren't bad and she's a redhead.. perfect.  I've gone back to being a 12 year old comic geek all over again!  Check them out if you've ever been into the superhero stuff.. they're excellent.  A new one off issue, Batwoman #0 is due out next month..

Also been listening to a bit of old early 70's stuff.. LP tracks by some of the less obvious glam bands.. Here's a cool Mott the Hoople track, Violence, from their 1973 LP Mott.

Mott the Hoople - Violence


  1. Hi Dave-O,
    Love the comic book art!

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