Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sideburns No.1 - This is chord, this is another, this is third.. now form a band!

Bit of a special one here.. from January 1977 this is the zine with the legendary 'here are 3 chords, now form a band'.. and the rest is pretty cool too.  There's a 5 page Stranglers feature with an interview with Jet Black, live reviews of Eddie and the HotRods at the Roundhouse plus bits on the Feelgoods, Lew Lewis and the Darts.. yeah, not what we'd call punk now but this was Jan 1977 and there weren't too many what we'd now call punk bands around.. that all probably a week or two after this came out!  There is a great short editorial bit on page 3 about the beginnings of the London punk scene which gives you a feeling of what it was like back then..  (Got to say a big thanks to Martin for helping me get hold of this one! )
Download Sideburns #1


  1. Good man DaveO - I've just posted and added a link to Sideburns #1.

    Good work tracking it down, and again, thanks for sharing it.

    All the best

  2. Cheers for the link Si.. Good to share these around!

  3. Thanks for posting this DaveO (and all the other stuff youve been posting).....good stuff,thanks again !