Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Maytals - Walk With Love

Just a quick one today.. one of my favourite Toots and the Maytals tracks and one that doesn't turn up on most compilations.  I came across the version of this on a Trojan compilation back in the 90's and had to hunt down a Jamaican copy to get the vocal version and it was well worth the effort.  This track is from 1971 on the Beverly's label.. (Interestingly the UK version on Summit which I picked up later is totally different recording and about 20 seconds shorter.. )

As I mentioned it..here's the UK version.


  1. I love Toots & the Maytals and had never heard this one. Thanks Dave-O. By the way, would you please let me know how you've configured your divShare settings? Ta.

  2. Hi, Glad you liked the tune. I think the reason it's so obscure is possibly that the UK version isn't nearly as good. The JA version is just perfect.

    Regarding divshare.. i just have the default settings. They used to be downloadable till the recent changes by divShare. I just have a free account as I don't have that much loaded up.. I have heard downloads work if you're a paid up subscriber. In the meantime I can post a zip if you'd like, or if you use Mozilla you can try the Download Helper addon. It works a treat for downloading music and videos.
    Cheers, Dave