Wednesday, 4 August 2010

New Pose #4

New Pose was an excellent fanzine, put together by a guy called Martin from Leeds.  It looks great, nicely laid out, good photos and well printed.  This issue is all hand written ..(apparently his typist quit after #3.. maybe northern men don't type?! ) but he's got hand writing abit like the guy who did Rock Family Trees so it all looks good..  There were 5 issues of New Pose.. I'll get all of them posted at some point..

Anyway, this issue is from Sept 77..great stuff in this one, a Cortinas gig review, Elvis Costello and Generation X gig review, a superb write up of the Pistols gig at Doncaster and an Adverts interview plus records reviews.

Hope you enjoy it..

Download New Pose #4

1 comment:

  1. Excellent stuff DaveO - downloaded and read it before commenting - it's a superb fanzine, really very impressive layout - and like you said, the handwritten text is very neat just like Pete Frame's family trees. I look forward to the rest of these.

    Thanks for posting 'em.

    All the best