Saturday, 15 October 2011

Big Youth Special

More Reggae today.. 4 classic 45's by Big Youth here.  I never really went for the deejay stuff in a big way back in the 70's but Big Youth makes it work.  His delivery just rolls with the music.  I could have put up a dozen tracks easily.. he worked with most of the best producers in Jamiaca and cut great tracks right through the 70's.  I've pick my 4 favourites..

First up is Ace 90 Skank, an early hit, produced by Keith Hudson on the Mafia label. 
 Big Youth - Ace 90 Skank

Next up is a two sider.. Foreman vs Frazier, a topical hit for Big Youth after the Foreman vs Frazier "Sunshine Showdown" world heavy weight title fight in Kingston, JA in January '73.  Not sure how many boxing records there are but this has to be the best ever.. "biff baff boom..George batter him down".. you can feel those blows!
Big Youth - Foreman vs Frazier Round 1
Big Youth - Foreman vs Frazier Round 2

Next up is Same Some Thing..a real loose, rootsy track.. the studio must have been kinda cloudy when this was recorded..:>)
Big Youth - Same Some Thing

And one last heavy track.. All Nations Bow..just an awesome track
Big Youth - All Nations Bow

Jah Youth is still going strong.....

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