Friday, 14 October 2011

Meet Me At The Corner - the Diplomats and Dennis Brown

Reggae time here.. An old rock steady tune from 1967 by vocal group The Diplomats on the great Caltone label.  I know nothing about the group apart from that they did at least 3 sides on Caltone around '67-'68.  I love the raw, slightly chaotic playing on it, one of those tunes where it's imperfections make it perfect..

The Diplomats - Meet Me At The Corner

 To follow that I have a great version of the tune by Dennis Brown from 1971 on the Impact label.  It's a slowed down version.. really nice vocals.
Dennis Brown - Meet Me At The Corner 

More tunes to come.. I've had a few days off work so have been delving into my old record boxes plus picked up a few nice old 45's recently so will be posting 2-3 tunes a day to get them all out there.

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