Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Heat #4 - The Clash in 1977 and loads more..

Here's Heat #4 as promised.  Another great issue of the classic Irish zine from Oct/Nov '77.  This one has 6 pages of the Clash, interviews with the Adverts, 999 and young Irish band the Kamikaze Kids, articles on John Cale and Richard Hell and a review of the Pistols Spunk bootleg plus the usual excellent random news, reviews and bits.  All hand written and pasted together and thoroughly entertaining.

Download Heat #4 

I also came across an interesting blog called Last Rockers with a nice pdf of Heat #1.  I only have a black and white photocopy of it so won't be posting it myself.. check it out if you're after a copy. 
Link to Heat #1 download

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